Sep. 7 2019

Xazalnus Café-Library
Salem Avenue, Sulaymaniyah

Tema Youth Group for knowledge and self-education is pleased to invite you to a meeting and conference around the book of Alain Badiou, The True Life, by its translator in kurdish sorani Mansur Tayfuri.

Saturday 7th september 2019 at 16h00
Xazalnus Café-Library
Salem Avenue, Sulaymaniyah

Alain Badiou, La Vraie vie, Fayard, 2016, tr. kurdish sorani, ژیانی راسته قینه, Xazalnus, 2018

"The very first official reception of philosophy, with Socrates, takes the form of a very serious accusation: the philosopher corrupts youth. So, if I adopt this point of view, I will simply say: I come to corrupt the youth by talking about what life can offer, why it is absolutely necessary to change the world and which, for that very reason, impose take risks. Today, because it has the freedom, the possibility, the youth is no longer bound by tradition. But what to do with this freedom, this new wandering? Girls and boys must discover their own capacity for a real life, an intense thought that affirms the new world they intend to create. What live our girls and our sons! "
A. B.

Mobilizing four languages, Mansur Tayfuri writes mainly in Kurdish and Farsi. He is credited with stories and literary texts. He  has devoted himself to the translation of texts of contemporary philosophy.
He writes at Paris 8 University a doctoral thesis of philosophy on the subject “State(s) and exceptions”. The thesis is based on the study of the history of Kurdish minorities in modern Iran. The research was preceded by a Master's degree on Kurdish movements in Iran during the Iranian revolution of 1979.
Kurdish Literature Prize in Iran in 2003 and 2005, and Translation Prize in Iraq in 2005. Recent translations: We Refugees, Hannah Arendt and Georgio Agamben's Collection of Texts, 2014. The Ignorant Master, Jacques Rancière, 2015. The Real Life, Alain Badiou, 2018, Pilate and Jesus, Agamben, 2019.