Dec. 19 2019

26, Rue du docteur Potain — 75019 Paris

The movements, at the same time that they address and question the conditions of life, of work, of becoming, have the capacity to free us from the imposed structures, and from the assignments and the sharing of places and roles in society. The space of a movement, their order maybe overturned, and other forms of being together and a greater freedom discovered and experienced where new relationships can be invented, and new ways of thinking about them. They are privileged moments of social and political experimentation beyond the premises which saw them being born, and which will permeate the experience that we have, where from this point of view, no return to normal will never be complete.
In recent years, major feminist movements have emerged, bringing in impulses of international dimension and where, like the spring of peoples whose current international movements seem to be a new wave, are surging and overcoming the oppressions experienced.
At the crossroads of different internationalities, this workshop will give rise to free interviews with the presentation of situations of militancy, creation, and research contextualized in the time of the movements and that longer of the resistances inherited from previous generations.
We will explore the conceptual and methodological relevance of transnational feminisms, the forms of organization and experimentation to which they give rise, and how they have changed political conceptions and practices.
Beyond solidarity, in particular, it has made it possible to analyze the related notions of territoriality, property, belonging and social reproduction from points of view at the crossroads of the multiplicity of power relations and oppressions, and of shared identifications. .
The categories of analyzes based on geographic, national, religious entities, the history of migrations, exiles, class struggles, gender and sexuality issues, as well as the forms and challenges of movements and lives that cross them will be questioned.
With a perspective oriented by the situation of the meeting, this workshop is in free participation and open to all.
On December 12 2019 from 14:00 to 18:00 at Doc! Artistic Association.

Organization and participations :

  • Gulistan Sido (Rojava University)
  • Béatrice Rettig (LLCP-Paris 8)
  • Samah Saleh (An Najah University)
  • Naji El Khatib (Medfil Humanities Institute)
  • Kassia Aleksic (CESSMA-Paris 7)
  • Isis Castañeda Capriroli (LLCP-Paris 8 / Solidarity Assembly Chili-Paris)
  • Carla A. Trenfo (Paris 8 University / Solidarity Assembly Chili-Paris)
  • Fatma Çıngı Kocadost (EHESS-CMH)
  • Ghiwa Sayegh (Kôhl Journal)
  • Camille Fauroux (EHESS)
  • Omar Lamiir, Delegation of Western Sahara
  • Degya Mohamed Salem, Delegation of Western Sahara
  • Ajjed Fanina, Delegation of Western Sahara
  • Nicole Gasnier (AARASD)
  • Julie Alfonsi (LSCP-Paris 7)
  • Renata Pires Sola (ESBAN)