Transborder radiophonic network

This project aims to open spaces of experimentation of the forms of the spoken intervention, the circulation of the speech and the experience of the listening (the intervention, the free discussion, the interview, the reading and the other more experimental forms), exploring the modalities of radio production and the oral archive, as they relate to both literary origins from different contexts, and politics in a more subjective way, with art and media when they take an analysis of the forms of production and reception.

Talking stones: For an anticolonial architecture

It is initiated by the MedFil Humanities Institute thanks to the participation of Venetian partners (Pas-e Sound studio and other partners in Venice during the Architecture Biennale) and international ones (Riwaq in Palestine and others). The team is working with a group of local volunteers in Palestine, composed of students, young workers, architects and artists, and inhabitants, in collaboration with italian participants.