The Transglobal studies group or its ponctual actions are supported by different institutional and associative organizations.

Institutional partners:
Laboratory of studies and research on the contemporary logics of philosophy LLCP-Paris 8
Interuniversity center Experience Cultural resources Education EXPERICE-Paris 8
University of Rojava
Center of kurdish studies of the University of Exeter
Pedagogies of the trace, remembrance, translations, nomadic territorialities-Paris 8
Philological research institute of the National autonomous university of Mexico
UFR Arts Philosophy Aesthetics of Paris 8 University
Philosophy department of Paris 8 University
Research university school (EUR) ArTeC

Independant research initiatives:
MedFil Humanities Institute
Riwaq architectural conservation center
Zochrot non-gouvernemental organization
Consequences seminar ENS-Paris
Periferia epistemológica Studies center at the National university of Rosario
Red de la vida onírica at the University of Barcelona
Jineolojî international network
Sensibili alle foglie cooperative

Cultural partners:
Inter-zones Art & Politics
Radiophonic server P-node
Khiasma space Paris-Les Lilas and R22 Radio Tout Monde
Artistic, political and social cooperative La Générale
La Fabrique agitée
Biennale Urbana and Pas-e sound creation studio
Arab Youth Association Haïfa
DOC! Artistic association
Internet services server / Radiophonic server TGS
Louise Michel space