Jun 19 2021
Paris 8 University Online Artistic, political and social cooperative La Générale 39 rue Gassendi – 75014 Paris
Following a year-long seminar on "The Archive between poetics, politics and violence of history", we are organizing a day of forum on Saturday, June 19th, 2021, in order to revisit the main questions that brought us together and reopen the issues at stake.
Dec 19 2019
Artistic association DOC! 26, Rue du docteur Potain – 75019 Paris
Movements, at the same time that they address and question the conditions of life, work, and becoming, have the capacity to free us from imposed structures, and from the assignments and sharing of places and roles in society. In the space of a movement, their order can be overturned, and other forms of being together and a greater freedom discovered and experienced where new relationships can be…
Oct 15 2018, Nov 5 2018
La Générale Nord-Est 14, Av. Parmentier – 75011 Paris Paris 8 University 2, rue de la Liberté 93526 Saint-Denis Deleuze Space (Building A, 1st floor)
Encounter with Silvana Rabinovich (IIFL/FFyL-UNAM / LLCP-Paris 8) around the poetic and politic work of the Returns of the Discourse of the Indian (for Mahmoud Darwich)
Aug 31 2018, Sep 4 2018
Studio Pas-e, Cannaregio 3561 & Caserma Pepe, Lido Island Venice
The project "Talking Stones" explores the effects of the Israeli colonial policy of apartheid in the cities of Acres and Hebron, based on stories and practices related to the memory of places, multiple affiliations, experiences of exile and aspirations to return to Palestine, during the "16th International Architecture Exhibition - Venice Biennale 2018: Free Spaces"
Jun 6 2018
La Générale Nord-Est 14 Avenue Parmentier – 75011 Paris
Vivid voices, or the oral history of the now June 6, 2018 from noon to midnight at La Générale Nord-Est 14 Avenue Parmentier 75011 Paris (Metro Voltaire)