Apr. 15 2019

La Générale Nord-Est
14, Avenue Parmentier — 75011 Paris

The in(ter)disciplinary seminars of La Générale & Inter-zones propose a meeting and a plateau of readings and inter/transmedia performances this April 15, 2019 with Eden Tinto Collins, Thomas Maury, Joachim Montessuis, Kasper Toeplitz, Nina Živančević, Erik Minkkinen, Jamika Ajalon, Zahra Pourazizi, and in Paris tour 2019, Tim Shaw, and Phill Niblock

The term "intermedia" has traveled a lot, inviting us to get out of the restrictive notions of the privileged mediums of art to consider that everything can make media, then those of post, and transmedia, and some other attempts to remain outside of any established definition, and to inspire various passages between all that can make music, poetry, cinema, performance, art of networks and radio, etc. and the experimentation of ways of remaining in these passages rather than one or the other stopped form, whose idea remains whole. All these notions have mutated, under the influence of attention to everyday life, and we have joined the sense of circumstances to create an encounter.

Doors open at 2pm

2:30 pm – Niblock Sound Spectrums : Within Invisible Rivers, a film by Thomas Maury (110', 2019)

4:30 pm – Meeting / Cross talk


& Readings and performances

6:30 pm – Joachim Montessuis: The true cure of love, LP double album showcase (unofficial release)

7:00 pm – Nina Živančević: Poetry and praxis

7:30 pm – Jamika Ajalon: Saltwater transmissions: Queer lands of here blend, another audio/visual anti-reading

8:00 pm – Erik Minkkinen: Akvo, electric guitar & amplifiers

8:30 pm – Zahra Pourazizi: In-2-meter & Reading the lung [a fragment], reading in the two languages of French and Persian

9:00 pm – Tim Shaw: Multiple points of failure, field recordings, modular synthesizers, microphones, sound objects

9:30 pm – Phill Niblock
Yam almost May (2001, 24:00) Kasper Toeplitz, electric bass played with E-bow and bow
Vlada BC (2013, 20:00) Elisabeth Smalt, viola d'amore
Praised Fan (2016, 17:00) Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, bassoon

The Movement of People Working, Film/Video - China 87 and 88

– Listen online

– Permanent installation space

Inter-stellar – Video et listening of Dry Lands, an excerpt of the projet Global Time Zone (Semi 2019), an installation by Eden Tinto Collins

Poetic editions of Stavroula Bellos / Musical Erratum – Label and Sound Review / XI Records – The label of Experimental Intermédia / Presses du réel

The in(ter)disciplinary seminars of La Générale host meetings around themes at the interface of sciences (human or inhuman) and the arts (applied or casual) under the broad heading of a reflection on the living in the twenty-first century.

Inter-zones - Manifesto (Readings & Lives). A series of radiophonic lives and readings with the United Transnational Front against Fascism created in January 2019 by an informal network of researchers and spread on the Internet.

With the support of La Fabrique Agitée, the Cooperative P-node, and the UFR Arts/Philosophy of Paris 8 Saint-Denis University.

Programmation : Béatrice Rettig & Host Coordination : Emmanuel Ferrand.