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Beyond the Archive
June 19th, 2021

Paris 8 University online
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Following a year-long seminar on "The Archive between poetics, politics and violence of history", we are organizing a day of forum on Saturday, June 19th, 2021, in order to revisit the main questions that brought us together and reopen the issues at stake. This study day will be an opportunity for the researchers invited to speak, to put forward and discuss proposals for approaches and problematizations of research in the form of open fields, from inter- and transdisciplinary and political studies points of view.
An evening of readings will conclude the day.

The increased preoccupation with the archive, if it refers to a present that escapes, where recourse to the past, and the search for sources, could open up new continuities, bringing with it its share of repetitions, at the same time opens up dimensions absenteized from history. With them, other temporalities, other genealogies and other modalities of the narrative are installed, such as those in an exemplary way of the oral archive, and of the militant inquiry, where the writing becomes co-writing, and where the voices are multiple. The archive is then no longer only conservatory but the support of a reflexive analysis within the contexts themselves from which it comes.
On the other hand, this search for other potentials of the archive as a living archive spoken in different languages leads to the exploration of new issues such as the standpoint epistemology, subjectivity, and translation, and of a notion of politics on the scale of life pathways.
The poetic bias is therefore that of one of the possible accesses to the archive, and to the awakening of the past, and its unexplored tracks, where the surface of inscription of the history and the memory extended to our subjectivities such the block of writing of Freud which had impassioned Derrida, and where the process of the archive and that of the dream resemble: an unceasing recall to become.

(Times in summer time in Paris UTC+2)

13:00 – Opening

  • Paola Bacchetta (UC Berkeley): "Re-presences. Three moments of reflexion"

14:00 – Open fields (Part 1)

  • Oreste Scalzone: "Returns from history. An italian chronicle"
  • Nicola Valentino (Sensibili alle foglie cooperative): "The dreams of the inmates of Palmi prison and the birth of the Archive of writings, scripts and ir-ritated art of the Sensibili alle foglie cooperative" — In italian and french. Translation: Cosimo Lisi (AIAC-Paris 8)
  • Fatma Çıngı Kocadost (CMH-EHESS): "Women's dreams in Kurdistan"

17:30 – Open fields (Part 2)

  • Barbara Glowczewski (LAS-EHESS): "Places as archives of dreams according to the Australian Aborigines"
  • Marina Nebbiolo (Medfil Humanities Institute): "From memory to the imagination of places (Australia, Palestine, Italy)"
  • Esteban Radiszcz (LaPSoS-University of Chile): "Dreams in quarantine in Chile"

19:00 – Open fields (Part 3)

  • Arianna Cecconi (ENSA-Marseille) and Tuia Cherici (Multidisciplinary artist): "Oniric archives in Peru and France between ethnography and art"
  • Lucía Brienza, Bruno Carignano, Flavia Castro, Victoria Farruggia, Florencia Harraca, Leandro Levi, Cecilia Mc Donnell, Soledad Nívoli, Sofía Payaro, David Sibio, Julián Varela (CEPE-UNR): "A beradtian lesson. Intervention in five acts and two languages" — In spanish and french
  • Isis Castañeda Capriroli (LCSP-Paris Cité / LLCP-Paris 8): "The dream as a singular source of political creativity"

21:30 – Readings
With the participations of Nina Živančević, Eden Tinto Collins, Blaise Marchandeau-Berreby, Luciana Alonso, Jad Orphée Chami.

Facilitators: Béatrice Rettig (LLCP-Paris 8), Isis Castañeda Capriroli (LCSP-Paris Cité / LLCP-Paris 8), Pavel Abushkin (LLCP-Paris 8), Camille Fauroux (FRAMESPA-Toulouse II), Julie Alfonsi (LCSP-Paris Cité).



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