Paris 8 University
2, rue de la Liberté – 93526 Saint-Denis

Study day on the invitation of the Laboratory of studies and research on the Contemporary Logics of Philosophy LLCP-Paris 8 and the Interuniversity Center Experience Cultural Resources Education EXPERICE-Paris 8.

Exiled, displaced, refugees, and political prisoners
March 16th, 2017
Paris 8 University

12:00-13:30 pm – Videoconferencing Room A444 (Building A, 4th Floor)

  • Ziad Medoukh (Al-Aqsa University): Education in Palestine

Discussant: Béatrice Rettig (LLCP-Paris 8)


14:30-18:00 – Room C103 (Building C, 1st floor)

14:30-16:00 – Round table I

  • Engin Sustam (Pause program / Experice-Paris 8): The University Movement for Peace in Turkey
  • Nicole Blondeau (Experice-Paris 8): The welcoming of refugee students: the FLE university degree in Paris 8
  • Yasmina Kebbab (Paris 8 University): A look back at the experience of La Chapelle struggle

Interventions followed by an exchange with the participants


16:30-18:00 – Round Table II

  • Assia Zaino (Paris 8 Univeristy): The prison's university: Israeli prisons as places of training and cultural production of palestinians
  • Sarah Caunes (Labtop-Paris 8): Mobilisations and struggles of political prisoners in Turkey
  • Naji El Khatib (Medfil Humanities Institute): The right of return for palestinian refugees

Interventions followed by an exchange with the participants & Conclusions