Eléni Varikas, Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun, The Critique of the Nation-State in regards to the Feminist and Gender Critique, 02/02/2018 (FR)


Seevan Saeed, The Kurdish Question in Turkey, 07/02/2018 (Session organized in cooperation with the seminar Consequences ENS-Paris) (FR)


Naji El Khatib, The State in the Near and Middle East: Epistemological and political issues, 24/01/2018 (FR)


Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi, Justice, Gender and Sexuality in Palestine, Discussant: Azadeh Kian, 3/11/2017 (FR)


Engin Sustam, Art and Kurdish subalternity, 2/11/2017 (FR)


Amir Kianpour, The non-synchronism as a mode of Asian subjectivation, 24/10/2017 (FR)


Philippe Rekacewicz, Counter-mapping, 01/06/2017 (FR)


Nacira Guénif Souilamas, The Border Body, 04/05/2017 (FR)


Tal Dor, Trans / formations of decolonial militances in Palestine-Israel, 04/05/2017 (FR)


Ann Laura Stoler, About Duress, 04/05/2017 (FR)


Ann Laura Stoler, Feelings Politics, 04/05/2017 (FR)


Serdar Ay, Policies of Kurdish Languages ​​and Literatures, 02/03/2017 (FR)


Somayeh Rostampour, Non-mixity in the Kurdish Women MOvement, 02/02/2017 (FR)


Assia Zaino, The University of the Prison: Israeli Prisons as Places of Training and Cultural Production of Palestinians, 16/03/2017 (FR)


Sarah Caunes, Political Prisoners Mobilizations and Struggles in Turkey, 16/03/2017


Naji El Khatib, The Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees, 16/03/2017 (FR)


Rojda Alaç, Life Strategies and redefinition of the “home”: The Case of the Kurdish Population Displaced in their Own Region in Turkey, 02/03/2017 (FR)


Sonia Dayan Herzbrun, Women’s Political Agency in the Arab and Muslim Worlds, 02/16/2017 (FR)


Hamit Bozarslan, Ibn Khaldûn and the Qquestion of Violence, 16/02/2017 (FR)


Nadera Shalhoub-Kervokian, The Occupation of the Sense in Occupied East-Jerusalem, 08/12/2016 (EN)


Amir Kianpour, Non-synchronism as a mode of subjectivation, 12/01/2017 (FR)


Bahar Majdzadeh, The Iranian Common Memory of the 80s and the Aesthetics of the Confrontation with a Violent Past, 20/10/2016 (FR)


Valentin Schaepelynck, Decentralization and Institutional Analysis in Education, 12/01/2017 (FR)


Rada Iveković, National Sovereignty and Translation. Towards a cognitive justice. Intersectionality Offsets, 12/01/2017 (FR)


Orazio Irrera, Decentrations, Powers and Narrations in Edward Saïd, 12/01/2017 (FR)


Engin Sustam, Between State Violence and Counter-Violence in Turkey, 08/12/2016 (FR)


Assia Zaino, Men and Women in the Walls: How Prison Shapes the Life of Palestinians, 08/12/2016 (FR)


Naji El Khatib, The Stateless People and the Legacy of Sykes-Picot, 08/12/2016 (FR)


Éléonore Merza and Eitan Bronstein Aparicio, Cartographies from Palestine, 17/11/2016 (FR)


Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun, The State: From the Colonial Enterprise to the Decolonial Vision, 17/11/2016 (FR)


Morad Farhadpour, Translation-Thinking, 20/10/2016 (EN)