March 14 2018 | 12:00–15:00

Special session and meeting with Paola Bacchetta (UC Berkeley)

"One of the most useful approaches to thinking about power globally is the notion of "scattered hegemonies", which shows the existence of many configurations of hot and cold powers, scattered around the world, at different scales and in different records – financial, military, ethnic, media, technical.
I propose to add to it the notion of coformations to think power relations, subjects, conditions and behaviors.
Indeed, in mainstream feminist theorizing, gender has often been conceptualized as a single axis, vector, or system, or in terms of binary sex classes.
However, in the United States, "of color" feminists have usefully criticized this reduction, this singularization that erases racism, sexuality and social class, as well as genealogies, sedimentations and current practices of genocide and colonialism and slavery.
In their wake, critical feminist analyzes consider power to be organized along separate axes or vectors, according to inter–secting systems that converge around "points of articulation", which combine in "articulations" multiform, which are "consubstantial", which form "nodes", or which constitute "assemblages of power".
I think it is more useful to conceptualize these powers, not as separate lines, even if they intersect, but rather always / already as multidimensional coformations in which gender, race, sexuality, social class Postcoloniality, etc., operate inseparably, both in the registers of discourse and in those of materiality". – Reflections on transnational feminist alliances, P.B.

Interventions :

  • Paola Bacchetta (UC Berkeley): Intersectionality: State of the research
  • Dawud Bumaye (Collectif QTR / Ed. Metagraphs): The Contribution of postcolonial feminists and queers of colors to antiracist movements in France
  • Fatma Çıngı Kocadost (University of Lausanne / EHESS): Forging links for a Ttansnational struggle against domination relations in Turkey and France

Moderation: Türkan Yıldız (EHESS)

Collage from Paola Bacchetta
Collage from Paola Bacchetta.

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