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The Transglobal Studies Group aim is to link researchers, artists, writers across geographic boundaries, and disciplinary boundaries around epistemological and political transformations and stakes of the contemporary condition. This condition shows that forms of reliance and social, political, economic, etc. of organization no longer simply follow the logic of national and international frameworks, but also local / global, transnational and translocal scales that remain to be explored.

The project welcomes the production of critical thinkings of the contemporary history of globalization in its political, social, economic etc. dimensions; and exploratory approaches to new forms of political praxis and agency, emerging postnational theories, conflicts and movements of recent decades, genealogies of violence and the languages ​​of memory, and the politics of knowledge and translation.
It confronts an expanded body of human and social sciences towards political studies and Art & Media in a context of an international exchange.
Its contexts and fields of research are those of the researchers involved in the project and at their crossings, in different regions of the world, according to the vocation of Université-Monde of the University Paris 8 Saint-Denis.

It is based on research methodologies of inter and transdisciplinarity in the fields of humanities and social sciences, education sciences, and Art & Media. The inventiveness of research practices, in their potential and acquired connectivities, is mobilized in the direction of an opening of research processes, in and outside the university.
It aims to develop relationships with research and training organizations in order to support exchanges; integrate research into training programs or training through research; and to promote mobility actions.

It was created in December 2017 after a year of prefiguration to support the development, and openness to cross-cutting issues, in the new thinkings of the political, the social and the critique of knowledge.
It is both a research project informed by the contributions of the researchers who are involved and of those invited to intervene, and a project under permanent construction with an opening to the development of critical thoughts in the alley of a globalized world that requires the re-development methodologies and stakes of research.

Research Focus:

– Political praxis and agency / Stateless People and postnational theories / Critic of the modern political subject and Nation-State / Identities critic
– Genealogies of violence and languages of memory / Critic of history epistemology / Contemporary forms of violence
– Inter- and transdisciplinary methodologies / Art & Media / Socio-analysis and Institutional analysis / Politics of knowledge and translation

Research Group:

Béatrice Rettig (LLCP-Paris 8 / Inter-zones)
Amir Kianpour (LLCP-Paris 8 / Thesis 11)
Mansur Tayfuri (LLCP-Paris 8 / Suhrawardi Study Center of Myths and Religions)
Naji El Khatib (MEDFIL Humanities Institute)
Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun (Paris 7 / MEDFIL Humanities Institute)
Marina Nebbiolo di Castri (MEDFIL Humanities Institute)
Valentin Schaepelynck (EXPERICE-Paris 8)
Engin Sustam (EXPERICE-Paris 8)

International Correspondents:

Paola Bacchetta (Berkeley University)
Rabab Ibrahim Abdulahdi (AMED-San-Francisco State University)
Morad Farhadpour (Institut Porsesh / Thesis 11)
Silvana Rabinovich (IIFL-UNAM / LLCP-Paris 8)
Somayeh Rostampour (GTM-Paris 8)
Hassan Koç (Mesopotamya Academy of Social Sciences)
Suhaib Nadir Amin (Surhawardi Study Center of Myths and Religions / Sulaymaniyah University)
Eitan Bronstein Aparicio (De-Colonizer Laboratory)
Éléonore Merza (De-Colonizer Laboratory / CNRS)

Founding Partners (Projet UP8 OPE-2017-0493):

Laboratory of Studies and Researches of the Contemporary Logics of Philosophy LLCP-Paris 8
Interuniversity Center Experiences Cultural Ressources Education EXPERICE-Paris 8
MEDFIL Humanities Institute
Sohrawardi Study Center of Myths and Religions


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